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James E. Pustejovsky


May 3, 2020


June 8, 2024


2024-06-08 I have ported my website to Quarto, which has native support for code folding. I’m leaving this post up despite the fact that the functionality is no longer relevant for this website.

2020-11-21 Thanks to Allen O’Brien for pointing out a bug in the codefolding code, which led to the last code chunk defaulting to hidden rather than open. Allen sent along a simple fix to the codefolding.js file.

About a year ago I added a code-folding feature to my site, following an approach developed by Sébastien Rochette. I recently updated my site to work with the latest version of the Academic theme for Hugo, and it turns out that this broke my code-folding implementation. It took a bit of putzing and some help from a freelance web developer to fix it, but it’s now working again, and I’m again doing my happy robot dance:

In this post, I’ll provide instructions on how to reproduce the approach with the current version of the Academic theme, which is 4.8 (March 2020). Credit where credit is due:

1 Code folding with the Academic theme

  1. You’ll first need to add the codefolding javascript assets. Create a folder called js under the /static directory of your site. Add the file codefolding.js.

  2. Create a folder called css under the /static directory of your site. Add the file codefolding.css. This is the css for the buttons that will appear on your posts.

  3. Add the file article_footer_js.html to the /layouts/partials directory of your site.

  4. Add the file header_maincodefolding.html to the /layouts/partials directory of your site.

  5. If you do not already have a file head_custom.html in the /layouts/partials directory, create it. Add the following lines of code to the file:

    {{ if not site.Params.disable_codefolding }}
      <script src=""></script>
      <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ "css/codefolding.css" | relURL }}" />
    {{ end }}
  6. If you do not already have a file site_footer.html in the /layouts/partials directory, copy it over from /themes/hugo-academic/layouts/partials. Add the following lines of code to it, somewhere towards the bottom:

    <!-- Init code folding -->
    {{ partial "article_footer_js.html" . }}
  7. If you do not already have the file page_header.html in the /layouts/partials directory, copy it over from /themes/hugo-academic/layouts/partials. Add the following line of code at appropriate points so that your posts will include the “Show/hide code” button:

    {{ partial "header_maincodefolding" . }}

    Note that you’ll likely need to add it twice due do conditionals in page_header.html. For example, my version of the file includes the partial at lines 62 and 91.

  8. Modify your params.toml file (in the directory /config/_default) to include the following lines:

    ## Code folding
    # Set to true to disable code folding
    disable_codefolding = false
    # Set to "hide" or "show" all codes by default
    codefolding_show = "show"
    # Set to true to exclude the "Show/hide all" button
    codefolding_nobutton = false

2 Using the codefolding parameters

The params.toml file now has three parameters that control code folding:

  • disable_codefolding controls whether to load the code folding scripts on your site. Set it to true to disable code folding globally.
  • codefolding_show controls whether code blocks will be shown or hidden by default. If your previous posts have lots of code in them, set the default to show to minimize changes in the appearance of your site.
  • codefolding_nobutton controls whether the “Show/hide code” button will appear at the top of posts that include code blocks. Set it to true to disable the button but keep the other code folding functionality.

The above parameters are defaults for your entire site. To over-ride the defaults, you can also set the parameters in the YAML header of any post:

  • Set disable_codefolding: true to turn off code folding for the post.
  • Set codefolding_show: hide to hide the code blocks in the post (as in this post).
  • Set codefolding_nobutton: true to turn off the “Show/hide code” button at the top of the post (as in the present post).

I hope these instructions work for you. If not, questions, corrections, and clarifications are welcome. Happy blogging, y’all!

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