Simulate systematic direct observation data

James E. Pustejovsky

Cluster-robust variance estimation

James E. Pustejovsky

Information Matrices for 'lmeStruct' and 'glsStruct' Objects

James E. Pustejovsky, Man Chen

Power for Meta-Analysis of Dependent Effects

Mikkel H. Vembye, James E. Pustejovsky

Between-case SMD for single-case designs

James E. Pustejovsky, Man Chen, Bethany H. Bhat

Helper package to assist in running simulation studies

Megha Joshi, James E. Pustejovsky

Single-case design effect size calculator

James E. Pustejovsky, Man Chen, Daniel M. Swan, Paulina Grekov

Cluster-wild bootstrap for meta-regression

Megha Joshi, James E. Pustejovsky, Pierce Cappelli

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