Getting started with ARPobservation

behavioral observation

James E. Pustejovsky


October 24, 2013

UPDATED 5/29/2014 after posting the package to CRAN

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to download and install ARPobservation. For the time being, ARPobservation is available as a pre-compiled binary for Windows. For Mac/Linux, you’ll have to download the source from Github.

  1. Download and install R. R is free, open-source software that is used by many data analysts and statisticians. ARPobservation is a contributed package that runs within R, so you’ll need to get the base software first.

  2. (Optional but recommended) Download and install RStudio, which is a very nice front-end interface to R.

  3. Open R or RStudio and type the following sequence of commands in the console:


You’ll only need to do the above once. Once you’ve got the package installed, type the following in order to access the package within an R session: library(ARPobservation).

To open the package documentation, type package?ARPobservation. To access the documentation for an individual function in this package, just type ? followed by the name of the function. For instance, one of the main functions in the package is called r_behavior_stream; to access its documentation, type ?r_behavior_stream.

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