New working paper: Using log response ratios for meta-analyzing SCDs with behavioral outcomes

single-case design
effect size
response ratio

James E. Pustejovsky


April 26, 2017

One of the papers that came out of my dissertation work (Pustejovsky, 2015) introduced an effect size metric called the log response ratio (or LRR) for use in meta-analysis of single-case research—particularly for single-case studies that measure behavioral outcomes through systematic direct observation. The original paper was pretty technical since it focused mostly on a formal measurement model for behavioral observation data. I’ve just completed a tutorial paper that demonstrates how to use the LRR for meta-analyzing single-case studies with behavioral outcomes. In this paper, I’ve tried to present the methods in as accessible a manner as I could muster, to provide a sort of “user’s guide” for researchers wanting to apply the LRR for their own work. You can find the working paper and supplementary materials (including data and replication code) on the Open Science Framework. I would welcome your feedback and questions about this work!

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